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Examples of Blends of Polycarbonate


The present invention relates to melt extruded and moulded Polycarbonate components, particularly those used for automotive parts, tool housings, structural components, and recreational objects. Such blends are particularly advantageous for applications that require the use of organic solvents. Examples of the present invention are provided below. All parts and percentages are given in weight. If you are unsure about the correct ratio for your application, consult a qualified professional.


A recent study on the mechanical properties of blended polycarbonate /polyalkyl methacrylate (PMMA) plastics has demonstrated that this combination exhibits increased impact strength and elongation at the break over either single component. In addition, this blend exhibits enhanced strength and flexural modulus over a single component PC. These results support the use of PMMA in many engineering applications. The blends also have excellent optical properties, which make them attractive for use in solar cells.


The present study investigates the properties of polycarbonate blends with high molecular weight and low molecular weight. It uses DSC and rheometry techniques to determine the phase transition temperature and impact strength of the blends. The results indicate that the components of the blend exhibit limited miscibility and exhibit distinct thermal and mechanical properties. The molecular weight distribution of the blends is consistent with the component distributions. The results are interpreted using the Flory-Huggins equation.


Polycarbonate sheet products are widely used for a variety of applications. These include automotive and aerospace applications, greenhouses and commercial buildings, signage and window glazing. Polycarbonate is also a good choice for bulletproof windows. Various polycarbonate blends are being studied to improve their properties for a variety of engineering applications. This article will discuss the properties, uses and benefits of polycarbonate. It will also describe the processes that can be used to produce it.


In this study, the authors evaluated the transesterification behaviour of Makrolon 2600 polycarbonate and its 50/50 copolymer with polyester C. They also studied the thermal resistance of the blend and examined the affinity between the materials. In addition, they tested the effects of an additive, p-phenylenediamine, on the transesterification reaction. These results indicate that the additive does not enhance the transesterification reaction.


Biodegradable polymers have recently gained considerable attention for various applications. Blends of biodegradable polymers and aromatic polyesters may be suitable for these applications. Biodegradable polybutylene succinate (PBS) and polycarbonate (PC) can affect each other’s mechanical and physical properties. In this study, PBS/PC blends were prepared by melt extrusion. FTIR analysis of the PBS/PC blends showed a good degree of compatibility. The degree of miscibility between the two polymers depends on the thermodynamic terms.

Transesterification with styrene maleic anhydride

Several examples of polycarbonate blends are disclosed in U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,172,103, 3,880,783, and 4,205,141. These mixtures include ABS, styrene, and a copolymer of styrene and acrylonitrile. They may also include pigments, reinforcement agents, and flame retardants. The blends can have between 0.3% polyanhydride.


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