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Discover Northwest Indiana’s Escape Rooms For Kids and Adults


There are many ways to enjoy your next outing with the family, and this is one of them. From Inflatable Escape Rooms to Self-directed play areas, there are so many places to explore in Northwest Indiana. From the Museum of American Comedy to the Indiana Caverns, there is something for everyone to enjoy. These adventures are sure to be a hit with everyone! Discover Northwest Indiana’s Escape Rooms for Kids and Adults today!

Inflatable Escape Rooms

If you are looking for a unique, entertaining and unique event, then you should definitely try an Inflatable Escape Room. These themed rooms are great fun for everyone, and they are a perfect venue for a birthday party, corporate event, holiday celebration, special announcement, fundraiser, or corporate team-building activity. There are many benefits to using an Inflatable Escape Room for your next event, and here are just a few of them:

The challenge in an Escape Room is a unique combination of physical and mental clues. You have 60 minutes to figure out everything in order to get out, and you can work as a team or as a group to find the solution. It’s a fun experience that will challenge your skills and your communication skills. Once you get inside the room, you’ll be glad you did! And if you’re a parent, you should bring your kids with you!

Self-directed play facilities

If you’re looking for a self-directed play facility, you should check out one in the Chicago area. Self-directed play facilities are great places for kids to spend time without adults. These parks have plenty of space to run and play, and most have state-of-the-art play structures. Depending on the location, there are even toddler rooms available. However, if you’re in the Chicago area, you may want to look for a park in your neighborhood.

Museum of American Comedy

The Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy is a full-immersion experience featuring the life and career of this legendary comic. The museum immerses guests in the life of Red Skelton, from his early days in vaudeville to his appearances on radio and television. The museum features three floors of interactive fun, and kids and adults alike will love the opportunity to solve mysteries and work together as a team.

Indiana Caverns

Are you interested in an interactive adventure? There are escape rooms in Northwest Indiana that will keep you on your toes for an hour or more. You’ll need to work together to solve puzzles that will lead to your final goal – escaping the room! The best part? You don’t have to pay a lot of money! This fun and exciting activity is suitable for both kids and adults.

If you’re looking for an adventure for the whole family, there are escape room games to fit any personality. During an escape room game, players are split into teams of four or more people. They must work together to find clues to solve the puzzles and crack codes to unlock the doors and reach the next level. While some games may be scary, others are hilarious and suitable for younger children. Regardless of the age group, the game will activate the mind and transport you to a new adventure. Those who participate in an escape room game experience a “wow factor” when they finish it.


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