5 Ways to Streamline Your Warehouse to Enhance Productivity


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Those who are not or have never been involved with either working in or running a warehouse would be forgiven for assuming that as long as products are delivered on time, and customers are happy with their service, the warehouse could not be more efficient.

However, if you are the owner or manager of a warehouse, you will be fully aware that there are always ways and means to streamline your warehouse to enhance productivity, and here are five ways to do just that.

1.   Reorganize the Layout

How a warehouse is designed and where products and equipment are stored can make a huge impact, either positively or negatively, on the smooth running of operations.

In an effort to improve the overall levels of productivity in your warehouse, make sure to conduct regular walkarounds and pay particular attention to any potential hazards in order to eliminate them. Moreover, be sure you are maximizing the space you have by improving the general layout.

2.   Invest in Innovative Technology

Just as with any other business, but particularly when working with high levels of stock and an ever-increasing inventory, new technologies, computers, and computing technologies can make the difference between falling behind and taking over your industry competitors.

Radiofrequency, voice activation, barcodes, and pick-to-label handheld technologies are all available to allow your warehouse workers to complete each order at a higher speed and you to be able to manage more effectively without compromising on accuracy.

3.   Improve Your Storage Plans

Another area upon which to focus is to drastically improve your storage options and invest in storage solutions more conducive to a streamlined and efficient warehouse process.

Click here to discover some invaluable tips for identifying high-quality storage solutions suitable for warehouses of all shapes and sizes and see for yourself how much more efficient your own warehouse operation could potentially be.

4.   Concentrate on Eradicating Shipping Errors

One way to see a sharp reduction in the volume of sales and, subsequently, a dip in profits is to let shipping errors go unnoticed and unactioned time and time again.

From now on, either install tracking identification technology to keep a tight grip on the delivery process from start to finish or invest in RFID software packages to double-check that the right products are going to the right clients.

Moreover, regular shipment errors can put a huge strain on your pool of internal resources.

5.   Consider Advance Training for Your Staff

Finally, but certainly just as important as the other points in this article, you must also ensure that each of your warehouse employees is not only fully trained to a competent level but also given the opportunity to advance their skills and learn more.

Motivation and productivity go hand in hand, and in such a practical workplace setting as a busy warehouse, your employees need to feel valued and trusted. There is no better way to do this than to offer additional training at no extra cost to themselves, which will make for a more efficient warehouse overall.


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