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Diagnostic imaging is easier with EMR, RIS & PACS:


Do you agree with the fact that technology is getting advanced with each passing day? So why should the medical field stay backward? We are offering an incredible facility of EMR, RIS, and PACS that can be efficient, minimum price, and user-friendly. These are the latest technological upgrade that you will get to know further.

Importance of EMR, RIS, and PACS:

We ensure safety, convenience, and mobility through our software to deliver the most on-point service and make diagnostic imaging easier than ever before. You can get secure results with supreme functionality. With a HIPAA-compliant solutions facility, we are delighted to keep the process customized so that your business can grow well. Let’s discuss three of them briefly.

Electronic medical record (EMR):

This function has minimized the hectic work of data keeping and manually recording. Through EMR you can record all medical data with relevant details with guaranteed security and efficiency. It can help doctors and medical staff easily get access to all new and oldest data within seconds which creates much ease and time-saving.

Radiology information system (RIS):

This system is made for managing records and the history of patients. Their scheduling, appointments, and previous health analysis can be recorded and saved through this which can be quite helpful for management.

Picture archiving and communication system (PACS):

It can be considered the most beneficial software ware for medical staff, it can acquire, save and share medical radiology images which can help doctors diagnose and treat the patient accordingly. X-rays, CAT scans, and MRI are the most commonly-known diagnostic reports for the evaluation process of patients.

Key features of RIS and PACS system:

  • These are completely web-based with 100% guaranteed result quality, with the assistance of tech experts in the medical field.
  • DICOM working method also brings positive changes in this software as everything is automatic to eliminate human error.
  • High profile transcription, backup access, digital way of inbound and outbound dealing of fax, and compatibility can be found with many other improved digital features of modern technology.

Key features of EMR:

  • It is also fully web-based with both in and out fax management facilities.
  • You can scan and retrieve documents from both commonly used formats doc and pdf.
  • You can have secure access to all past and present records of a patient profile.


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