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5 ways How Social Media Destroys Relationships


5 ways How Social Media Destroys Relationships

In this article, despite the importance of the Internet, we will discuss how social media destroys relationships. The Internet has made connecting with people more accessible than ever before because people who live far away from one another can communicate via social media platforms effortlessly with a single click. According to a report, an average user spends around 144 minutes per day on different social media applications. Which is quite interesting, that can engage with others throughout their free time without giving time to leisure activities.

Conflict in relationships through Social media

Being important platforms, social media also has lots of cons, such as destroying relationships due to misconceptions that are caused chiefly during active chatting with close ones. Due to its quicker coverage, it also allows the users to alter their mood during relationships which results drive a break in relation. It is notable that relationships nowadays usually start via different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and much more. According to Statista, Bigo live was the active source of making relationships in iPhone smartphones in 2021 in the USA.

The main reason for destroying relationships through social media platforms is that each person may come across lots of different users; however, some may feel good for others instead of their lover. That is why they will start engaging with others; this will lead to breaking in relationships.

How social media destroys relationships

Here we will explain five possible ways to destroy the relationships among many closed people.

Limited personal relationships

Despite quick interactions, social media platforms have moved apart from our closest. Because we always give our spare time using numerous social media apps.

More often, we have free time, especially on weekends, but still, we engage on various social media applications without having a physical interaction. Unfortunately, many do this action consistently, which will lead two loved ones apart. Also, chatting miles away will create barriers with your nearest friends or buddies.

Effect of likes or comments on Social media applications

When you are in relation with someone else, try to preserve this relationship, make it memorable, enjoy each second. But, when you get a like or any positive comment from your ex on Instagram, or any other platform, your mood will change. At this moment, you will be in a relationship with your closest one but want to spend time with your online ex.

We don’t say likes and comments are wrong and will permanently destroy relationships, but they can alter your mood towards your ex, which you have long forgotten.

Sharing personal information

As I mentioned above, people are highly active on many platforms. That is why they usually post their daily activities, pictures, or sometimes even personal information.

Sharing the last-mentioned things won’t affect the relationship between you and the beloved; however, it can sometimes turn the table around. For instance, if you are good-looking and consistently share amazing pictures, many girls will be attracted to you because they will get interested in you. Similarly, they will send you messages for friendship which will destroy your long relationship with your best friend.

Thus, think twice before sharing or uploading any material on social media platforms.

Small misconceptions cause insecurity

If you are in a relationship with someone for a long time, you will most probably get problems because of minor confusion. Message from your ex may lead to severe issues whenever your lover sees the notes of your ex. Therefore, be conscious of yourself when chatting with strangers on social media platforms.

Comparison leads to barriers

We know all five fingers are not equal; therefore, it is also clear that not everyone’s thoughts and ideas are similar to others.

The way one thing, other will think extremely opposite to it.

Unluckily, when someone starts chatting online, he will compare by showing love in different ways.


How social media destroys relationships is a frequently asked issue many people ask. Since we have clarified that the Internet has made life easier for us, it has also ruined our relationships. Furthermore, moving away from social media is extremely difficult, so we have to limit its use carefully.

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