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How to change time on Armitron watch


How to change time on Armitron watch

The Armitron Pro Sport Watch is an excellent gadget for keeping track of your workouts, recording split times, and achieving your targets. On the other hand, time does not keep track of itself. You’ll have to set the time on your watch when you first acquire it. And you’ll need to know how to alter the time on an Armitron watch when daylight saving time expires, or you travel to various time zones. So without ado, let’s get started on how to set the time in Armitron watch and how to change time on Armitron watch;

A Complete Method of How to Change Time on Armitron Watch

1.     Locate the Buttons on Your Watch

Did you know that the armitron wristwatch has four buttons.

  1. “Reset” is the top-left button (A).
  2. “ST/STP,” which stands for “Start” and “Stop,” is the top right button (D).
  3. “Mode” in the bottom left button (B).
  4. The light is turned on by pressing the bottom right button (C).

2. Press and hold the Reset Button

Press the “Reset” button (A) till you notice a beep to start setting the time. Three of the watch’s four screens will begin to blink. It indicates that you are ready to set the time.

3. Select the right mode by pressing the Mode Button

  • To activate the hour setup, use the bottom left button (B), “Mode.”

Note that clicking this button does not change the hour, but it does make the hour side of the time display blink. It means you’re prepared to move on to the next step, which is to set the time.

4. Set the Hour with ST/STP

  • Click the “ST/STP” button (D) to set the hour.

The hour will grow with each press of the button until it reaches 12, which will reset to 1.

Click the “Mode” button (B) one more to fix the hour. The hour side will quit blinking and the minutes will be prepared to set when you do so.

5.     Adjust the minutes using ST/STP

  • Click the “ST/STP” button (D) on the top right to increase minutes.
  • The amount of minutes rises by one every time you hit the button.
  • Touch the “Reset” button on the top left (A) after your watch has been set to the correct time to fix the minutes.

How to Change the Armitron Watch’s Time

You will probably have to change the time on your watch, either daylight savings has just ended, or you’re traveling to a new time zone.

This is completed by following the steps you often used to set the time in the first place. When it’s been a time, simply go back to steps 1 through 5 of the Armitron watch instructions.

How to Create a Time Zone Map with Multiple Time Zones

You can set a time on the watch for a different part of the world if you really need to know what time is in different times zones.

To set a new time, follow the instructions below:

  1. Hit the “Mode” button three times to access the Second Time Zone mode.
  2. Reset the watch by pressing the “Reset” button. The hour icon will begin to flash.
  3. To change the hours, use the “ST/STP” button.
  4. Once again, click the “Mode” button once you’ve selected the correct hour. It will allow you to change the mins and set the hours. When the minutes’ icon starts flashing, it means it’s time to take action.
  5. To increase the minutes, click the “ST/STP” button once more.
  6. To make adjustments, push the “Reset” button when you’ve chosen the correct minutes.
  7. To return to your primary time zone, hit the “Mode” button.

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