How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft


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How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft

Minecraft is basically loaded up with a lot of different servers which permit you to play many games with hacking risks, as these servers do not have any rules and regulations to follow. Consequently, the game survival becomes even tougher. Here many gamers will have a question: How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft.

Want to know more about How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft? No worries! Without any further ado, let’s have a look below to know all about How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft;

What is XP in Minecraft?

Survival in Minecraft is made easier by gaining Experience Points, abbreviated as XP. There are opponents in Minecraft that will hack or damage you if they find you. You may beat them with this XP (discovered in the 1.16 update version).

Glowing experience spheres are the source of this XP. Players may also get experience through battling monsters, raising animals, and trading with villages, among other things. A player’s character may be leveled up and equipped with additional items by accumulating orbs.

It’s important to keep in mind that you need to acquire XP not just when you need it, but you also need to earn it over time so that you may develop and enhance your weaponry and move farther in the game.

How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft: Top 5 methods

1) Trading

One method to get experience points in Minecraft is to trade with villagers. With every deal, villager orbs drop between three and six XP orbs and between eight and 11 if the villager is eager to breed. In addition, the elusive Bottle o’ Enchanting, when shattered, yields experience orbs for players.

2) Killing animals

Players may earn a lot of experience points by killing animals. For each animal a player kills, they get one to three XP. Despite the fact that this may not seem to be much, the total may soon mount. Slaying a baby animal yields no XP orbs. For bats, iron golems, and snow golems, this is also true.

3) Completing advancements

A player’s experience points are increased by completing challenge progressions. The more difficult a player’s progress is, the more XP he or she will accrue. Completing “Return to Sender” may earn players 50 XP, while “How Did We Get Here?” will reward players with 1000 XP for completing it. The challenge’s parent advancement must be completed first.

4) Mining

Mining is an important part of the game, and it’s a great method for new players to rack up XP right away. XP orbs from mining blocks may range from one to forty-three, although the XP value varies depending on the resource. XP may be gained through mining:

  • Iron
  • Coal
  • Nether gold
  • Lapis lazuli 
  • Diamonds
  • Nether quartz
  • Emeralds
  • Monster spawners
  • Redstone

5) Killing hostile mobs

Players may earn a lot of experience points by taking down enemies. Killing skeletons, zombies, and the Ender Dragon are exceptionally challenging in this regard. Every non-boss hostile mob that is slain by a player is worth between one and twenty XP. When a player kills a boss mob, they will get additional XP. Ender Dragon, for example, gives 12,000 experience points.

A hostile mob farm may be built by Minecraft players, but they can also hunt down and kill hostile mobs. As the name suggests, hostile mob farms are built to generate and weaken a variety of hostile mobs that may be rapidly killed by the player.

Our Takeaway

So, that’s all the things about How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft. If you have read the entire article, you’ll surely be able to understand each and every detail about How to Get XP Fast In Minecraft. Hope this guide will be highly enlightening for you, guys!

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