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How To Make Hydroxyquinoline At Home


How To Make Hydroxyquinoline At Home

HCQ derived as Hydroxychloroquine is actually a man-made compound & can’t be extracted from any of the natural sources.

The production of Hydroxychloroquine needs many purifications and chemical reactions, and even for any trained chemist, it isn’t a really trivial exercise. But that’s not an issue! Today, we are here with the complete knowledge about How To Make Hydroxyquinoline At Home.

Since it was initially synthesized in the 1950s, hydroxychloroquine has been a less toxic version of the chloroquine medication. Attempts to create such medications outside of a laboratory are not without risk. COVID-19 infected patients “have little or no effect on the risk of death,” according to the study, which concluded that “no further trials of hydroxychloroquine or chlorine for treatment should be carried out”.

To begin with, soldiers were given quinine pills and ordered to dissolve them in water, then drink the resulting solution. In order to avoid malaria, this was a precautionary action that they used when they encountered mosquitoes. Because Quinine is so pungent, soldiers came up with the G&T as a way to mask the taste. You can easily produce quinine or its derivative, hydroxychloroquine, at home.

How To Make Hydroxyquinoline At Home – A Comprehensive Guide

Hydroxyquinoline is playing a vital role in treating COVID-19 virus. Many drug companies were also somehow furious about this treatment due to this reason. It not only has proven to eradicate this harmful virus but helps to treat other viruses as well. It was actually supposed to be an unrevealed big secret, but Trump efficiently blew that right away for them.

What is exactly Hydroxyquinoline?

All in all, it is nothing but exact Quinine. It is something that everyone can make conveniently at home. And also, it is something that is efficiently being manufactured everyday in the form of liquor stores and grocery stores. None other than a kind of tonic water.

My Warning: The Sweppes tonic water is generally sweetened with extreme fructose syrup of corn or some other kind of toxic sweetener. I haven’t been able to get any of them with plain sugar or unsweetened sugar, where I might make an addition of my sweetener.

Plus, Quinine almost killed that element of AIDS, too. Also, it is effective for many diseases including cancer and many other harmful ones. It also has many applications and uses. It is anesthetic, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-arrhythmic, antiviral, antispasmodic, antiseptic, cytotoxic, bactericide, fungicide, febrifuge, nervive, insecticide, etc.

Moreover, if you are feeling a bit chest cold, just make your own hydroxyquinoline at home. It is made of the beneficial peelings of lemons, and grapefruits, but specifically grapefruits. So, here I will tell you the easy peasy recipe of hydroxyquinoline.

Below is the complete method of How To Make Hydroxyquinoline At Home without doing much efforts;

Here all you have to do is to take a rind of about 2 to 3 grapefruits, and 2-3 lemons. Then take only the peel and simply cover it with the help of water above around three inches of the peel. Later, put the glass lid on the pot if you have any. But it you don’t have, don’t be worries. You can also use the metal one.

Let it stew for around 2 hrs. Don’t take off the lid of the pot until it cools down entirely as this will enable the quinine to instantly escape in the form of steam. So, just be careful at this point.

Furthermore, sweeten your tea with sugar or honey as it’ll be bitter. Then, take just 1 tablespoon in every few hours for bringing up the phlegm from the lungs. However, just discontinue as soon as possible until you get better.

This is all you need to do for making Hydroxyquinoline At Home. The thing you have to do is to follow all the steps efficiently and you will definitely end up making a good Hydroxyquinpline.

Hope this article will be highly enlightening for you and you’ll get a lot of help to know exactly that How To Make Hydroxyquinoline At Home!

Good luck, folks!

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