Preparation of Aluminium Bromide

Preparation of Aluminium Bromide

Aluminium Bromide: The ideal vessel for this experiment is a 250 ml tabulated retort with a wide neck (at least 15 mm in diameter). However, a distilling flask of similar size with a delivery tube 15 cm long and 15 mm in diameter sealed on its neck may be used as a substitute.

Aluminium Bromide: Sixty grams of bromine, previously dried with concentrated sulfuric acid are placed in a small dropping funnel with a long delivery tube. The neck of the funnel is protected with a drying tube.

Ten grams of aluminum (30-mesh or turnings) are placed in the vessel. The funnel is fitted into a rubber stopper covered with aluminum foil and adjusted so that the tip of the funnel is about 60 mm from the bottom of the vessel. The bromine is added, drop by drop, slowly (30-60 min) so that the reaction mixture remains liquid.

Towards the end of the addition gentle warming is needed. The pale-yellow fluid bromide is then distilled (b.p. 260-270°C) directly into a wide-necked glass-stoppered bottle fitted on to the side-arm of the flask or retort with a wad of dry glass wool; m.p. 97°C, b.p. 255° C. Yield of aluminium bromide 52-55 g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 14, 1962

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