Semrush Pricing 2022: What Is The Right Plan For You?


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Semrush Pricing 2022: What Is The Right Plan For You?

In this piece, I’ll go over Semrush pricing in depth to help you figure out which of its plans is best for your company.

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool that, when utilized correctly, may dramatically improve your website’s exposure in search results (and, by extension, your business revenue).

However, there’s no doubt that Semrush is pricey in comparison to many other business tools, and investing in it can be intimidating – especially if you’re a startup with a limited budget.

Semrush overview

Semrush is a search engine optimization tool that aims to help you rank higher in search results.

It accomplishes this by providing you with a wealth of information.

Semrush, founded in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov, presently has a significant user base of over 7 million people, according to the business.

Semrush can be used with any website building platform or content management system (CMS), so whether you’re using Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix, the data you can get from Semrush can help you construct a successful SEO plan.

Semrush pricing options

Semrush offers four different plans:

  • Pro: $119.95 per month
  • Guru: $229.95 per month
  • Business: $449.95 per month
  • Custom: negotiable

Each plan receives a 16.7% discount if paid annually, and Semrush free trial allows you to try out the majority of the services before enrolling. The regular trial is only 7 days long, but for a limited time, you can get a 30-day trial by clicking this link.

Let’s take a look at each of these pricing alternatives one by one to determine who each plan is intended for.

Semrush Pro

This plan offers the following features:

Domain analytics – the capacity to determine the ‘authoritativeness’ of your domain (or a competitor’s) based on the number of links pointing to it.

Term research tools allow you to understand how many people are looking for a specific keyword, how difficult it will be to rank for it, and what other words (keyword recommendations) you should focus on.

Site auditing tools can help you figure out what technical adjustments you can make to your site to improve its search ranking.

An on-page SEO checker evaluates your content and provides suggestions for improvement. Add particular keywords to your content to improve readability and change page lengths are just a few of the suggestions.

The amount of reports you’ll be able to generate

For domain or keyword analytics, the ‘Pro’ package restricts you to 3,000 reports each day. This is a substantial offer that compares favorably to comparable tools (Ahrefs, for example, limits you to just 175 per week on its entry level plan).

If you’re a ‘power user,’ though, you could need more reports than this restriction permits.

How often are your keyword metrics updated?

On the ‘Pro’ subscription, the number of times you may acquire new data for your target keywords in Keyword Manager each month is restricted to 250.

The maximum amount of keywords you can track at the same time.

You may follow the success of up to 500 distinct keywords on the ‘Pro’ plan.

If you’re only using Semrush to handle Long Island SEO for one site, this should suffice; but, if you’re wanting to track keywords for several (and huge) sites, this may not be enough.

The amount of tasks you may work on at one time

The ‘project limit’ is arguably the most important of all the restrictions imposed on the ‘Pro’ plan.

Adding a domain to the Semrush dashboard as a project grants you access to a wealth of additional data and capabilities, but only for that domain.

You may utilize Semrush on five different website projects with the ‘Pro’ package. You’ll be able to access the following extra data when you add a domain to a project.

If you just plan to utilize Semrush with a few domains, the five-project restriction won’t be a deal breaker.

However, being on the ‘Pro’ plan may prove difficult if, for example, you wish to allocate a project to your own website as well as multiple competitor websites.

Users who wish to work on SEO projects for many client websites at the same time may find the ‘Pro’ plan prohibitive due to the five-project restriction.

The maximum number of pages that may be crawled

Semrush searches all of a website’s pages during an audit, searching for technical SEO issues that need to be fixed or improvements that may be made.

The amount of pages you can crawl is limited on each plan – on the ‘Pro’ plan, this is 20,000 pages per project and 100,000 total.

Unless you’re working on colossal websites, this limit should be enough.

Semrush Guru

The ‘Guru’ plan, which costs $229.95 a month. You can also use Semrush Coupon to get more discounts on your Guru plan.

The most significant distinction between this plan and the ‘Pro’ plan is the ‘Content Marketing Platform.’

This is a set of tools aimed at assisting you in developing a content strategy.

While the ‘Pro’ plan allows you to develop keyword ideas (mostly through keyword research), the ‘Guru’ plan provides you many more possibilities — and allows you to better control the content production process.

Another important distinction between this plan and ‘Pro’ is that it allows you to view past data.

This allows you to ‘travel back in time,’ as Semrush puts it, and acquire insights into the performance of your or your rivals’ websites using information recorded since 2012.

This package also includes a Google Data Studio connector, which allows you to use Semrush data in Google’s free visual reporting tool, allowing you to develop bespoke SEO reports and dashboards.

A ‘keyword cannibalization report’ is also supplied, which allows you to identify pages that compete with each other in Google for the same search query (either because the topics they cover are too similar, or because you optimized them for the same keyword).

GreenGeeks also offers a similar offer to host your website on VPS server which you can avail using GreenGeeks Coupon Codes for extra off on your order.

Finally, the Semrush ‘Guru’ plan has far more lenient limits than the ‘Pro’ plan.

You’ll get 5,000 domain reports every day, 15 projects, 1,500 keywords to follow, and more sites to crawl (300,000).

Semrush Business

We’ve looked at two programmes so far, both of which are geared toward small company owners.

You may be able to use ‘Semrush Guru’ to handle SEO work for a few clients depending on the size of your company, but if you have a large client list or need to manage SEO for a large number of websites, you’ll be better off with a Semrush Business plan, which allows you to work on up to 40 projects at once.

This comes at a steep price – $449.95 every month, which is not a little sum of money.

There are a few extra pieces of crucial functionality to look out for in terms of aspects that are absent from the other two plans covered thus far:

Semrush PLA (Product Listing Ads) research enables you to assess the effectiveness of a company’s Google Shopping ad campaigns. This is a helpful service for businesses looking to acquire competitive intelligence about their e-commerce competitors.

API access – this grants you access to the majority of Semrush’s APIs, allowing you to integrate Semrush into your own widgets apps, dashboards and widgets.

The Share of Voice measure tells you how much traffic you’ve gotten compared to the total volume of your monitored keywords.

The biggest difference between the ‘Business’ plan and the ‘Pro’ and ‘Guru’ plans, aside from the aforementioned, is that the limitations on almost everything are significantly more generous.

You can handle 40 projects at once, track 5,000 keywords, and execute 10,000 searches every day, for example.

The maximum number of pages you may crawl each month has increased to one million.

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