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Tenant Screening Services in California


Choosing the right tenant for your property is crucial. Choosing the right tenant means less risk and hassle for both you and your tenant. You can use services like RentSpree, TransUnion, Avail, and EzLandlordForms. These services are based on consumer reports, so they are reliable and secure.


TSC is a tenant screening service that works with TransUnion to provide accurate reports for potential renters. The service pulls soft reports from more than 25 million public records to uncover a prospective tenant’s past eviction history and credit problems. Its extensive database can save you time and hassle by eliminating paperwork related to the rental process.


TransUnion tenant screening services in California are available for landlords in the state of California. The company provides three packages. The first one, referred to as SmartCheck Basic, provides a credit-based resident score and a national criminal background report. However, this package lacks an important piece of information for landlords: the eviction history of the prospective tenant. The company also offers a more comprehensive service called SmartCheck Plus for an additional $38 per screening.


When it comes to your rental property, one of the most important things to do is to screen the tenants. You want to ensure that the tenants who live in your property will be able to pay rent on time. You can do this by using tenant screening services. These services will help you to avoid potential problems with the tenants you rent out to.


EzLandlordForms provides landlords with comprehensive tenant screening services that are quick, easy, and reliable. The service works with a credit bureau called TransUnion to provide the landlord with accurate information on potential tenants. The company’s Resident Score report, a thorough credit report, provides a detailed look into an applicant’s financial history, as well as whether he or she will be able to pay the rent on time. The application does not affect the applicant’s credit score, and it doesn’t take longer than five minutes to complete. In addition to screening prospective tenants, EzLandlordForms has a community forum where customers can post questions and ask for advice.

TransUnion ResidentScore 2.0

The TransUnion ResidentScore 2.0 tenant screening service in California uses data from a national database to identify tenants who may pose a risk to the property. The service uses over 1500 credit attributes and the eviction history of 3 million active renters. The data is then validated by comparing the results to tradelines and national eviction data. The company also offers a free credit report for each tenant.

TransUnion VantageScore 3.0

One of the best ways to protect your property and financial security is to check a tenant’s credit report. This type of service is not available in every state, but it can provide the information you need to know whether the person you’re considering is a good fit for your property. TransUnion checks over 370 million records across a variety of databases and compiles this data into an easy-to-understand report.


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