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Udaariyaan Written Update


In the last episode of the drama, Jasmine threatened Fateh for not accepting her. Meanwhile, Angad confessed that he has not taken any medication. And finally, Taniya tells her that Fateh is not Tejo. What is Angad trying to do? Will he be able to manipulate both families? The answer to these questions is a big yes!

Jasmine threatens Fateh

In a recent episode of Colors tv serial, Jasmine threatens Fateh, telling him that she would leave him for him. As Jasmine was in a state of shock and confused, Fateh intervened, telling her that she can’t tell Tejo about her plans. Jasmine tries to manipulate Tejo by pretending to be innocent and then lashes out. She also tells Fateh that she used to hate him and he tried to kill her. Afterward, Tejo is able to understand Jasmine’s decision and apologizes.

Angad confesses that he hasn’t taken any treatment

After Tejo tells Angad about his condition, he confesses that he hasn’ t taken any treatment for Udaaritaan. The reason behind this is that Angad was about to go out with his family but was too busy with his clients to check the car. Hence, he didn’t take any medicine for the condition and forgot about his wife. However, Tejo tries to save him, but Angad isn’t convinced and tells him that he hasn’t taken any treatment for Udaariyaan.

Taniya tells her that she is not Tejo

Rupy and Fateh are at their mother’s house when Fateh comes home and asks her to tell everyone that she is not Tejo. Jasmine is there as well and she was dreaming of playing dhol. Jasmine thought that she had to act helpless because her mother had told her that she is not Tejo. Fateh then tells her that he is ready to marry Jasmine. Khusveer thinks about his decision but does not agree with it.

Angad tries to manipulate both the families

The next episode of Udaariyaan will be dramatic as Angad tries to manipulate both his families. This time, Tejo aka Taniya tries to set up a trap for Angad. Since he has information about Angad’s past, he tries to use it to trap him. He is angry with Angad because he blames others for his problems.

Fateh files a complaint against Jasmin

In the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan, Fateh will file a complaint against his wife, Jasmin. This will help him get rid of Jasmin, who is suspected of killing Tejo. Jasmin will also be angry with Fateh after he saves his brother from Jasmin’s evil plan.


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