What Is the Difference Between an Air Scrubber and an Air Purifier

People today are a lot wiser about how important it is to have good-quality air. There are a lot of different problems that can be caused when individuals are subject to air pollution. Therefore, it is vital that people are looking after their air in effective ways. This article is going to discuss which would be more suitable in a variety of different situations.

When you have good quality air, then it benefits everyone, regardless of whether this is at home or at work. It’s something that people are simply unable to live without. If you are in places that do not have particularly clean air, you can use an air scrubber or an air purifier to improve your surroundings. Of course, this begs the question, what’s the difference?

What Is an Air Scrubber?

An air scrubber is a device that can remove a wide range of different impurities from the air. These impurities include the likes of metallic and wooden particles as well as bacteria, dust, and other pollutants that are commonly found. Air scrubber units tend to use negative ions as these are effective when it comes to attracting particles that are airborne and found on surfaces.

When Would You Use an Air Scrubber?

Due to the fact air scrubbers are particularly good at targeting different mould and dust spores, they are commonly used in more industrial areas such as on construction sites. There are lots of different types of dust that can enter the atmosphere at a construction site, and as such, using an air scrubber is a lot better for those who are working there. Some of the common forms of dust that you will likely come across on a construction site include the likes of silica dust, lower toxicity dust, metal dust, and wood dust.

What Is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier is pretty self-explanatory. They are used to purify the air and remove it from the likes of pollen, small particles of dust, bacteria, and viruses. The units in question will force air through fine filters that can capture and contain the majority of particles within the air. Once this is done, the cleaner and fresher air will be returned to the area, which in turn improves the atmosphere for everybody that’s present. Common air purifiers use HEPA filters which are very effective when it comes to moving small particles of dust in the air.

When Would You Use an Air Purifier?

Given that air purifiers only work with smaller particles, they are ready to be used in industries such as construction sites. That being said, they are good in home and commercial environments such as in offices or small stores. They can be good at reducing the number of unwanted odours within gym or leisure centres and can also limit the spread of viruses that could be passed around co-workers who share the same office space. This promotes a cleaner workspace and reduces the risk of employee absence.

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