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In this button city free download review, we will cover the Story, Characters and Art style of this upcoming Arcade game. We’ll also talk about the game’s release date, which is set for August 10th. In addition to the game’s story, there are some other factors to consider that you may not want to miss. Continue reading for a detailed Button City free download review. We also discuss how to beat the game’s various quests.

Story of Button City

Story of Button City is a new adventure game developed by Subliminal, an indigenous game company that advocates for the inclusion of marginalized voices in video games. The game features a diverse cast of characters with distinct personality traits and even an attitude. It combines synthetic world-building with gripping storylines to create an engrossing experience. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Story of Button City, and it’s available for free download.

The colorful world of Button City offers a variety of locations to explore. There’s a local park, an arcade, and a lot of fun. The controls are easy to master, and you’ll enjoy walking around town with Fennel, the game’s protagonist. Hovering over objects allows you to interact with them. Moreover, the game also includes a quest system, so you’ll have to figure out how to complete them.

Art style

The art style of Button City is delightful, combining bright colors with low-poly designs. This charming game creates a magical world where characters are both synthetic and cute. The game’s striking world and gripping story will have you glued to your screen for hours. To find out how to maximize your enjoyment, read our guide to the review scores of this game. We’ve compiled the best parts of Button City so that you can play it without a problem.

The gameplay in Button City is simple but effective. Players will warp between key areas in order to complete their quests and collect requested items. Along the way, they will interact with a variety of colorful characters. The responses of these characters are generally amusing. They also reveal their personalities, which make the game fun to play. The premise of this game is to encourage children to develop an appreciation for the art style and the world of video games.

Arcade games

If you’re looking for a PC game that’s reminiscent of a 90s arcade, you’ve probably considered downloading Arcade games in button city. This diorama game features a cast of colorful animals and a lot of arcade games to keep you busy. There are also side quests and collectibles to help you complete your goals. You can even wear fun costumes and decorate your room to suit your style.

Button City is a colorful low-poly adventure set in the world of anthropomorphic characters who love to play video games. Players take on the role of young fox Fennel, who’s just moved to a new town with his mother. With so much free time, he sets out to explore his new town and learn a valuable lesson about friendship and community. There are two playable mini-games, so it’s not difficult to complete them all.


The characters of Button City are both delightful and endearing. Players will encounter the smart rabbit Chive, the energetic cat Sorrel, and the creative panda Lavender. They are all members of the Fluff Squad, a group of Gobabot players who help Fennel in his quest. In the game, you will experience many unique challenges as you make your way through the city.

You will also get to explore the colorful and brightly coloured worlds of Button City. You’ll find local parks, arcades, and a neighborhood park. Controls are simple, and the game includes simple mouse controls. Walk Fennel around the city to unlock new locations. Interact with various objects by hovering your mouse over them. You can also play mini-games and battle with your friends.


The characters in Button City are endearing. You can play as Chive, the smart rabbit, Sorrel, the energetic cat, or Lavender, the creative panda. Each has an interesting story, and the secondary characters have unique personalities. The Fluff Squad, a group of Gobabots players, is another fun team. Whether you like to play the game for hours on end or just for fun, you’ll enjoy its characters and story.

The story takes place over a few days, and it centers on the importance of video games in the lives of its characters. Many of the anthropomorphic animals in Button City have incredibly challenging lives. One is frightened of his own friends because of his hobby, while another has a family member with dementia. As a result, Fennel must overcome his own demons to save his arcade.

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