How To Disable Ford Pats System: Step-by-Step Instructions


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How To Disable Ford Pats System: Step-by-Step Instructions

The Ford PATS is one of the most advanced security systems available for your vehicle. It was designed by the company to make sure that your automobile is not stolen and to provide you with some peace of mind.

Furthermore, most people have lost their keys on a regular basis, and because keys are a lot more complex in the present period, they are more pricey. However, you may easily spend $200 or more to change your key, making it more convenient to disable the PATS for a bit till you can get your hands on a new one.

Disabling the system is hard, and it can only try to verify that the transponder can be repaired and the automobile is safe from theft. In the following article, we’ll go a little more into the Ford Passive Anti-theft System, how to disable ford pats system and how it works.

Many people have created modest workarounds, but they are always limited, but you want it fixed as quickly as possible. Here is a summary of the Ford anti-theft system and how to disable it.

A Complete Guide on How to Disable Ford PATS System

Many people have learned how to disable the Ford PATS module, which is one of the major reasons they are all here. Therefore, it is not advised that you do so, and there are numerous other options available.

Meanwhile, some users have found a way to get around the PATS module, which is situated near the steering wheel.

1.     Wrap a wire around a genuine Ford key

You can wrap a regular 6-inch wire all-around a real Ford key. To protect the wire from unraveling, you’ll need some insulating tape, but this should be wrapped tightly around the real key. Remember that the key you’re using must have a built-in transponder in order to make contact.

2.     Connect the wires to the wires on the module

It must be possible to attain your PATS module and connect the wires if it is positioned behind the steering wheel. In most cases, a wire directly connects to the ignition, which also powers the transponder. Once the transponder is turned on, it transmits a signal to the PATS module, allowing you to start the automobile by cranking the key.

At least, the transponder in the actual key also should connect with the module, giving the impression that the key is in the PATS module’s ignition. It should be able to adjust if you have a new Ford key; that should be easy to get by assuming the key lacks any coding or technology. You may now start your automobile as it should be.

3.     Make sure the wiring is clean

You must acquire some insulating tape and patch the wiring because you don’t need to drive about with it like this. If you don’t have enough space, you can just store it behind the module. Still, the wiring may look normal since if a cop stops you, they may ask a few questions and even check the plate.

If your key (transponder) is lost or broken, you may have an issue, and the hack may not operate as well. Consider the fact that this is simply a temporary repair; the main goal will be to take the vehicle to a body shop or a dealership to get the problem fixed. Furthermore, this only occurs when the module is unable to connect to the transponder.


The PATS system is one of the most trustworthy anti-theft systems available in any vehicle. Also, it has a lot of functionality and will protect your car from being stolen as simple as others. In this article, we have shared the methods of how to disable ford pats system. Although you could want to bypass the system, while we don’t advise it, if you’ve ever bypassed the PATS module on your Ford, we’d love to hear about it.

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