How to Reset Anti Theft System Ford?


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How to Reset Anti Theft System Ford

Can you imagine being unable to start your car since you are taking too long?

Even worse, your car’s anti-theft system is completely broken!

Many cars have problems with their anti-theft systems. And the Ford Motor Company will be no exception.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to reset anti theft system ford. Our goal is to clarify you with a simple solution such that you may easily solve your Ford anti-theft system problem and turn it on the next time!

Purpose of an anti-theft system, and how to reset anti theft system ford

Do you know that an anti-theft system is a device installed in your vehicle that is designed to prevent auto theft?

When you park your car, you lock the door but forget to place the mirror up near the window, allowing anybody to easily unlock your car by simply placing their hands in. However, if your car contains key sensors, i.e., an anti-theft system, a beeping sound would begin and eventually grow. The horn will be very loud, alerting you that you are in a dangerous situation. It secures your vehicle from robbery.

This looks to be far too good to be true. However, if this therapy helps its receiver, a problem will inevitably occur.

There are several options for resetting your Ford’s anti-theft system. Here we have mentioned the best and most effective methods.

Method 1: Is it better to have the key location inside or outside?

To me, it feels a little odd! When you’re not in your car, though, you shouldn’t keep your key inside or alongside it; or your key sensors will activate. As a result, the anti-theft system will not function. As a result, make sure your key is always with you whenever you park your car or leave it anyplace.

Method 2: Examine your engine wiring and battery

If your Ford’s anti-theft system isn’t working, you’ll hear a constant ‘beep’ sound when you turn on the ignition. Moreover, look and see whether the anti-theft light on your Ford is continuously flashing or not. If it won’t stop, the issue is likely with your engine. It could be caused to a malfunction in the engine system.

To correct this, take the following steps:

  • To begin, go to the engine side of your vehicle and open the hood.
  • The engine cable is placed in the engine bay on the negative side of your battery. If the same wire gets loose for some reason, or if corrosion collects here, clean it and strengthen the connection. Ideally, you’ll be able to solve your issue.
  • Then, disconnect the wire’s connection. A 10mm socket is required to open this. So, let’s get things started. On the top of the wire, you’ll notice that the bolt has turned to dust.
  • On the top of the wire, you’ll notice that the bolt has turned to dust.
  • The bolt should then be cleaned with sandpaper. Simply rub the paper over it. So, secure the bolt and tighten the connection with your socket once again.
  • Vaseline should be applied to it.
  • Clean both ground wires when you find them side by side in the same spot.
  • It will help you in resolving your issue.

After that, get in your car and turn the key to start it. Check to see if the anti-theft light is flashing or not. You got your kid Ford up and operating in less than 15 minutes.

If the suggested technique works for you, excellent! You do not have to be worried if this is not the situation. Here are some additional options for you to consider.

Method 3: Verify that your PCM gets a “go” signal from the anti-theft sensor.

A powertrain control module (PCM) gathers data from multiple sensors across your vehicle. There seems to be a SecuriLock or Passive Anti-theft System in every Ford model (PATS). PATS would be effective once your Ford’s PCM, or Powertrain Control Module, is updated.

As a result, install PCM in the Ford and examine its management. If your Ford’s PCM receives no signal from the anti-theft system, the computer will deactivate the ignition, fuel system, and starter, preventing the engine from starting whenever you turn the key. To the ground, you may need to disconnect one of the wires from the PCM and then re-plug it to get it to turn on.


In this article, we have summarized the 3 helpful methods on how to reset anti theft system ford. So without getting bored, just apply one of these methods and prevent theft. We hope this article will be very helpful to you.

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