How To Play With Your Buddy Pokemon Go


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How To Play With Your Buddy Pokemon Go

Playing with the buddy in Pokemon Go is actually a feature that was basically added to the Pokemon Go update. It can reward you immediately with particular things based on how and when to use them. First, you have to open the menu of buddy on the phone & click the play button under the recent Buddy Pokemon. It will activate the camera of the game. From there, you can see a different option and can start playing

Want to know entirely about How To Play With Your Buddy Pokemon Go? Well, have a look below to get familiar with How To Play With Your Buddy Pokemon Go completely. So, let’s begin;

How to choose a buddy in “Pokemon GO”?

The first step in playing Pokémon GO with a friend is to pick your pal. When you walk with a companion, you both receive trainer candy according to how far you’ve walked together.

You begin by navigating to your profile in the bottom-left corner of the screen and selecting the Pokémon you want to be your friend.

When you press “Choose Buddy,” choose a Pokemon from your collection. In most cases, players choose a Pokémon based on their own preferences or the knowledge that it contains valuable sweets.

After selecting a friend, the Pokémon will follow you around and have its own profile, just next to the symbol that activates the trainer’s profile. This is how you play the game. If you’re just starting off, you’ll have to level up before you can pick a partner.

How to Play With Your Buddy Pokemon Go – An Overview

Move the Pokémon around with your finger by squeezing its snout. Small sparkles will begin to develop on the faces of your Pokémon after a few minutes of playing with them. If a heart appears on your Buddy Pokémon’s screen, you’ve completed the game successfully.

Then all you have to do is stop. You’ve taken care of the business at hand.

As a result, this may seem to be a simple matter. That being said, it’s not always evident to everyone, particularly when it comes to a game like Pokemon Go, which attracts a lot of individuals who don’t often play games. There is one question regarding Pokémon GO that I see often asked on Google Trends, and that is how do you play with your friend in Pokémon GO.

You’ll need a friend to help you out at first. You should already have one of these, but you may choose any Pokémon that isn’t presently in a gym from the trainer avatar screen.

On your avatar screen and on the bottom left corner of the main screen, your friend will now display next to your trainer. Depending on the screen you’re on, you may either tap the Pokémon itself or its small picture.

When you play with the friend, you rub it a little bit till you see small sparkles emerge, and then a large burst of light that indicates you’ve performed the activity. It’s a little strange! Pick fruit and give it to the Pokemon to determine what area of your friend you should massage it on. You’re going to play with whichever part of its friend it eats, which may become difficult.

There you have it! Make sure any research assignments are completed with that goal in mind. For those who haven’t played this game for some time, the friend system might be a bit confusing. It’s time to go out there and have some fun, but remember to be careful if you’re playing outdoors, particularly in cities.

All the important aspects regarding how to play with your buddy pokemon go are efficiently covered in this guide. So, we hope your all queries and confusion regarding how to play with your buddy pokemon go will be entirely solved.

Happy Playing, folks!

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