How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel


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How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel

Are you an Airtel customer with extra data you’d like to share with family and friends? Airtel Network has made it possible for its users to transfer data, buy data, and transfer MB through one user to the other. If that’s true, keep reading for the Best Method on how to Transfer Data From Airtel To Airtel.

One of Nigeria’s leading service providers, Airtel Nigeria, has made it easy for you to send or gift your data to friends and family who are also on the Airtel network.

You can transfer your data with your relatives and friends without worry by simply pressing a few codes, and do you understand what’s even better? Unlike a hotspot, which forces you to stay close to the person you’re sharing data with, it has no range restriction.

A Complete Guide on How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel

Customers can transfer data from their existing data limit to another Airtel user using the Airtel Data Me2U, commonly known as Data Share. You can “share” or “transfer” data limits from an existing data bundle to some other user.

For example, if you have a 1.5GB Monthly package, you can increase the load to 200MB to another user. Luckily, the recipient or receiver is another Airtel user, such as a friend, family member, or any other device with only an Airtel line.

All Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid users who have an account can use it. The shared data will be valid for the same amount of time as the original data.

It implies that if your buddy signed up for Airtel 1GB on January 1st and you transfer a little of that data, once your data ends on February 1st, your friend’s data will equally expire on February 1st.

How do I send Airtel data via SMS?

Consumers who are more likely to share data without utilizing the internet can do so using the SMS option, which Airtel offers. To make data sharing simple, follow the instructions below.

  • Check your data balance and recharge your Airtel data.
  •  Go to the Message Box to see what’s new.
  •  Text the word ‘SHARE’ to 121.
  • An Airtel text will be sent to you.
  •  You will be given directions.
  •  Comply with the directions. It will look as follows: “SMS ADD” < SPACE> Airtel Mobile Number> to 121;
  •  If you choose to share your Airtel Data Balance, you’ll get a confirmation notification.
  •  For confirmation, select the number ‘1’.
  •  You can either share your Airtel Data Balance with that specific phone number.
  •  Keep sharing your Airtel data amount until you decide to cancel it.

How to Share Airtel Data Over the Internet

  •  If you want to share through the internet, just charge up your mobile phone with 3G or 4G packs.
  • People can check the Airtel Data Balance by calling *123*11# if they still have an active subscription.
  •  After you’ve confirmed that you have sufficient data on the Airtel Data Balance,
  •  Go to Airtel’s website. (
  •  Enter your cellphone number, as well as your generated Airtel pin (Password) or a one-time password supplied to you via SMS.
  •  Therefore, to transfer your Airtel Data Balance, enter the destination phone number; validate the recipient number who will get the shared Airtel Data Balance.
  •  After that, add four Airtel phone numbers.
  •  Once you’ve successfully added a friend, family member, or colleague to share the Airtel Data Balance, you’ll receive an SMS.


 In this article, we have shared how to transfer data from airtel to airtel with your friends. Just follow the instruction where you can easily transfer your data via SMS or over the internet. So just hit this amazing article.

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