How To Turn On Microsoft Surface Laptop


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How To Turn On Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface laptops are some of the finest computers on the market. With their high-resolution displays and portability, these laptops are sure to please even the pickiest of users. However, these devices can sometimes require the assistance of a professional to get started. Below is some information on how to turn on Microsoft Surface laptop.

In this article, we will cover all the things to turn on and set up a Microsoft surface laptop for the first time. The instructions below work to all Microsoft Surface devices currently available on the market, including several that have been discontinued.

A complete guide on How To Turn On Microsoft Surface Laptop

Press and hold the Power button on your Microsoft Surface device till it turns on. It should only take a little time.

Essentially all Microsoft Surface devices have such a power button on the top or bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This button has the form and function of the Power button seen on many smartphones.

The exceptions include Microsoft’s Surface Laptop and Laptop Go. On the top right corner of the keyboard seems to be a power button.

Getting a Microsoft Surface Device Up and Running

If your Surface Device is new or has been reset since the last time you turned it on, the Windows setup will start automatically. This is how we can do it properly.

  1. You will be requested to choose a region by the setup tool. It really should default to the right one. If it doesn’t, you can also scroll down to the list to find the country or region you live in. To proceed, tap Yes.
  1. You’ll be requested if the keyboard layout is accurate. If it isn’t, you can choose the appropriate layout from the list. To continue, then tap Yes.

Then you’ll also be asked when you want to add another keyboard layout. It only happens when you use different types of keyboards for different languages. The majority of people use the Skip button.

  1. If the device came with a Surface Pen, the next step allows you to pair it with the device. To connect a Surface Pen, accompany the on-screen instructions and click Next, or ignore the next step. A Pen can always be paired later.
  1. You will be asked to choose a Wi-Fi network. To pick a Wi-Fi network, tap it or just enter the password. To resume, tap Next.
  1. A license agreement for Windows 10 will show. To proceed, tap Accept.
  1. The next screen offers if you want to use the Surface device for business or personal. Choose Personal Devices from the drop-down menu and then touch Next.

However, the Users setting up a Surface device on behalf of a company can contact the company’s IT department for more information.

  1. Setup now requests information from your Microsoft accounts, such as your email address and password. Tap Next after you’ve entered this information.

Note: Until a Wi-Fi network is enabled at the second step, a Microsoft account is expected to complete the setup.

  1. You’ll be inspired to set up Windows Hello face recognition login if the Surface controller generates it. To allow this feature, tap Set up, or to proceed, tap Skip for now. This feature can be activated later if it is available.
  1. Your device will require a PIN to be set up. To proceed, tap Enter PIN.
  1. You’ll see a series of choices that allow you to enable or disable the access of your personal data for services and features. Neither of these features is required, so if you’re confused, we recommend skipping them.
  1. Next, you can use OneDrive to back up your files to the cloud. Turn this function on or off by clicking Next or Only store files to this PC.
  1. The next screen will confirm that your Office applications have been installed. If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you won’t see this screen. If it appears, click Got It to proceed.
  1. Setup will ask if you want to use Cortana. It’s entirely up to you, although I will point out that Microsoft has stopped supporting Cortana in the latest update.

Accept to allow Cortana completely or Not Now to dismiss the feature. After you’ve set up Cortana, you can turn it off (or on).

  1. It may take a few moments for your settings to be completed. When the installation is complete, the Windows 10 desktop will display.



Microsoft surface laptop is an excellent product of Microsoft. In this article, we have shared how to turn on Microsoft surface laptop easily. However, the users can also connect their surface laptop to a bigger screen to enjoy a fantastic presentation. The surface laptop is a very high-quality product. It has the best hardware and software. The surface laptop is a very impressive laptop. It is a device worth buying.

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