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How To Fix Microsoft OneDrive Setup High CPU Smartly?


Fix Microsoft OneDrive Setup High CPU

Microsoft’s current operating system, Windows 10, outperforms earlier versions such as Windows 8.1 and 7 in terms of speed, rate of new functions, security, and other factors. Microsoft highly interconnected One Drive on Windows Explorer with Windows 10 to save items directly on the cloud.

OneDrive comes moving automatically as immediately as you sign in to your computer with the Microsoft Account. As you may have seen, OneDrive is so intimately connected with Windows 10 that it nearly feels like an expanded part of your PC.

Furthermore, Microsoft updates such features on a daily basis, bringing new enhancements as well as bugs that create various issues. Here, in this article, we discuss how to fix Microsoft onedrive setup high CPU smartly in windows 10 computer.

A complete guide on Microsoft OneDrive setup high CPU

Some Windows users reported that after installing recent updates or upgrading to Windows 10 20H2 Update, their computer freezes and refuses to start. When they access task manager (right-click on the taskbar – Choose Taskmanager) seeing where system resources are being used, they notice oneDrive.exe is using a lot of CPU / Memory (nearly 99 percent on the process tab). This process consumes the majority of system resources, causing the system to slow down.

These OneDrive issues can also arise if you haven’t signed up for OneDrive and aren’t utilizing Microsoft’s Cloud Storage system at all. If you’re having problems with OneDrive.exe using a lot of your CPU, you’re not alone. To solve this one drive sync engine high CPU or onedrive.exe high CPU, memory use problem, follow the steps below.

Restarting any app, program, or service, much like restarting your computer, has the ability to correct small software issues and clear trapped applications that may be creating the problem of high CPU usage by OneDrive in Windows 10. To resolve the high CPU utilization issue, we propose restarting the one drive process in task management. The process can be restarted by doing the following:

Right-click the Power Button, then select Task Manager from the drop-down option that displays. Right-click the Microsoft OneDrive Setup in the Main Program screen and click End Task from the contextual menu that presents.

Now all you have to do is restart your Windows machine. On the next boot, Windows should start the OneDrive service, and you should observe that the problem of OneDrive using a lot of CPU has been resolved on your PC. If it is not, proceed to the next step.

●    Switch off OneDrive At startup

When you’re not using the OneDrive service on the PC, it is best to leave the software disabled in the system so that it does not drain power. You can deactivate one disc by going to task management -> starting -> selecting it, right-clicking on it, and selecting disable. Now If the Microsoft Onedrive Service process is not functioning after restarting your computer, the problem of Microsoft onedrive setup high CPU will be resolved.

●    OneDrive should be reset

Resetting any app will fix about half of the issues; it will refresh the app as if it were a new installation. If OneDrive appears to be consistently using 10 to 20% of your computer’s CPU, you may usually resolve the issue by resetting the OneDrive service.

To Reset OneDrive Service, simply right-click the Start button, then select Run from the menu that displays. Alternatively, you can open the Run Window on your computer by pressing the Windows logo + R keys.

Now run %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset in the Run Window and hit OK.

You’ll notice the OneDrive logo in the settings” disappearing and reappearing after a while when running the program (Can take 60 seconds or more).



At the end of the article, we have summarized that you can easily fix Microsoft onedrive setup high CPU with the guidance which we have mentioned. However, you can reset or disable your onedrive at setup to preserve the power. We hope, this article will be very helpful to you!

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