How to Win Cracker Barrel Game


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How to Win Cracker Barrel Game

You’ve likely seen the “Peg Game” in various restaurants in the united states. Most of these games claim that completing them will make you smart, so we will share the simple method to help you win and guide you on how to win cracker barrel game to impress your family and friends! A little wooden triangle board with 15 holes and 14 pegs is used in the game. The player is required to jump pegs, and there is only one remaining, beginning with one empty position.

A complete method on how to win cracker barrel game

Part:1 Understanding the Puzzle

  1. Get to know the rules. The rules are simple and clear: To leap, a peg must be adjacent to a space. The game’s goal, similar to checkers, is to jump pegs and remove them from the game.
  • Any peg can be used as a jumper as long as it is immediately connected to it and has an open area adjacent to it.
  • You must erase every peg you jump over.
  • And there is only one peg remaining; you win.

2. Familiarize yourself with the board. A number from 1 to 15 is given per each space on the board. Position 1 is at the top of the triangle, and position 15 is at the bottom right. Take note that this list will use this numbering method to describe moves.

3. Understand the puzzle’s theory. The puzzle is explained using a complex mathematical theory. Although not all of this is required to win the game, there are a few key points to remember that will support you in solving the problem.

  • Make the most of your opportunities! With two poor moves, you can destroy the game mathematically. It indicates the challenge is impossible to fix after just two poor moves.
  • Make sure you plan your moves thoroughly. If you move at random, you have a 50% chance of ending up with an unsolvable puzzle in two moves.
  • The problem has a total of 6,816 solutions. All of the other solutions, on the other hand, are variations on two main solution patterns.

Part 2: How to Win the Game

  1. Start the game. Start by leaving position 1 unfilled. This would be the triangle’s highest point. There are numerous ways to solve the riddle, but this is the most frequent and straightforward.
  2. Grey circles show empty holes, red circles show pegs you’ll be shifting, and blue holes show pegs that aren’t in play.
  1. Cut a diamond form out of the paper. You can use this simple pattern to help you win a game by repeating it across the board. Jump over the peg in position 2 using the peg in position 4. It will after that be in the first position.
  • To jump to position 5, use the peg in position 6. It’ll be at position 4 now.
  • To jump to position 3, use the peg at position 1. It’ll be at position 6 now.
  • You’ll get the diamond base if you make these moves.
  1. Separate the pegs into two groups. The following set of actions will separate the pegs into two groups, on either side of the triangle;
  • Jump to position 4 by moving the peg from position 7 to position 2.
  • Peg 13 should now be at position 4.
  • Move peg 10 to place 8 next.
  • You will now have 2 groups of pegs, one on the left side with 5 pegs and the other on the right side with 3 pegs.
  1. Cut the triangle in half. The following series of steps will create a curved line that will divide the triangle into two halves.
  2. Peg 2 should now be in position 7. After that, move the identical peg to position 9.
  3. Move peg 15 to position 13 next.
  1. Move the last of your pegs to the bottom row. After these moves, you’ll have three final pegs in the bottom row.
  2. Peg 12 should now be in position 14.
  3. Move peg 6 to position 13 next.
  4. In the bottom section, you should only have three pegs left.
  1. Finish the last few moves. Peg 14 should be moved to position 12. Then move peg 11 to position 13 as the final step.
  1. You must win the game. The final peg should be inserted into the 13th hole. Congrats! You’ve just finished playing the Peg Game.


In this article, we have shared how to win cracker barrel game which you can follow and win the game. Also, we advised you to first understand the game and its theory, which will be very helpful to become a winner!

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