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Finding a Western Beef Near Me

The Western Beef store is located on the outskirts of Chelsea Market, a block uptown. There are no signs or storefront, but a row of shopping carts marks the entrance to the tiny store. If you’re looking for value, pick up specialty items in Chelsea Market and fill in with Western Beef basics. The store’s location makes it convenient to pick up a few items without leaving your house. While you’re there, make sure to look for a customer service representative as well.


If you’re looking for great quality meat, Western Beef may be the place for you. Not only do they offer a wide variety of cuts, but you can save money while you’re there! Check out their weekly ads for great deals on steak, chicken, pork, and French fries. You can even enjoy a slice of Swiss cheese on your steak! It’s the best place to pick up your favorite meat, and you can’t beat the prices!

The company operates twenty full-service supermarkets, five food outlet-type stores, and a wholesale food business. Their main products are beef, pork, poultry, and provisions. The company has over 2,000 employees throughout New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. They also maintain locations in Bronx, N.Y., and Fort Wayne, Ind., among other places. The company’s stores are convenient, well-stocked, and offer excellent customer service.


In addition to delivering products to your home, Western Beef also offers online grocery shopping and delivery services. If you want to purchase groceries but aren’t sure when to go, you can use the store locator to find a store near you and choose the delivery option. To save money at Western Beef, download the Western Beef weekly circular. These circulars feature specials and coupons that you can use at the store. You can also find inspiration for preparing delicious meals using the weekly circular.

Currently, there are 20 stores across the United States. Those in the New York area can find Western Beef locations in 431 West 16th Street. Check the retailer’s website to see what time they’re open. You can also visit its social media pages to stay up-to-date on the latest company news. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you’re not rushing when you shop. This way, you can avoid having to go to several stores before finding the right one.

Brands offered

Peter Jr. grew up in the Western Beef family business, which consists of 20 locations and 2 million square feet of real estate in the New York area. He recently fired his son from his position and halted all redevelopment projects. Since then, Peter the younger has started his own real estate firm, Cactus Asset Management, with plans to redevelop the Western Beef properties. While he hasn’t revealed what these redevelopment plans will entail, he’s adamant that Western Beef stores remain open.

While Western Beef isn’t associated with the West Coast, it has a long history of serving ethnic and low-income neighborhoods in the Northeast. Its recent expansion plans coincide with other major food retailers’ rediscovery of these neighborhoods. Executive Peter Castellana Jr. said that Western Beef’s long history of merchandising for this particular population helps give the company an edge. While it might be a small company, Western Beef aims to offer a quality product at reasonable prices.

Online ordering

With its iconic mascot and cheap, high-quality meat, Western Beef is a New York institution. But the chain’s tumultuous history has an unfortunate side. In the mid-1960s, its founder, Peter Castellana Sr., committed numerous crimes including selling adulterated meat and defrauding the government out of $200 to $500k. He spent four years in prison for his crimes, and lied to the Securities and Exchange Commission about the extent of his financial problems.

Cyber Monday is a day that rivals Black Friday, and for Western Beef, it’s a way to reward its loyal customers with amazing savings. Check out their weekly circulars for the latest deals. These circulars feature a variety of cuts of beef, poultry, and more. Whether you’re planning a dinner party or a weekend barbecue, you’ll find an ad that’s perfect for your next meal.

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