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SEO Services Pricing: What Do SEO Services Cost?


Setting up a website for your business is one way to help your company stand out in the crowd. Amazingly, about one-fourth of businesses still don’t have websites, so you’ll be able to get a leg up on them when you create a website for your company.

But why stop there? You should also hire one of the many SEO services to help you take full advantage of search engine optimization. By giving your site’s SEO a boost, you can ensure that lots of people will be able to find it organically.

Find out what the SEO services pricing will be before you begin working with one of your local SEO services, though. It’ll help you avoid spending more than you can afford to while beefing up your website’s SEO.

There are many factors that can impact what SEO services will run you. Learn about them below while reading through our SEO guide.

The SEO Services You Need

When you bring an SEO company on board to assist you with your search engine optimization needs, they’ll be able to provide you with any number of services. The specific services that you choose will play a huge part in your SEO services pricing.

Let’s say, for example, that you simply want an SEO company to look through your current content and make adjustments to your title tags, meta descriptions, etc. to ensure they’re SEO optimized. This might not cost you much money at all.

But it’ll be a different story if you want an SEO company to create all the content for a new website from scratch. They’ll have to do a whole lot more work to your site, and that will inevitably lead to your SEO services pricing being on the higher side.

The SEO Company You Hire

There is certainly no shortage of companies that can set you up with SEO services in this day and age. With so many businesses focusing on SEO these days, you should be able to find at least a few good options in your area.

But one thing worth noting is that not every SEO company is going to charge the same prices for its SEO services. For this reason, you’ll want to shop around for an SEO company that will provide you with the most competitive prices possible.

You should be able to track down a great company to extend something like local onpage SEO services to you without breaking the bank.

The Time You Spend Working With an SEO Company

After you’ve chosen an SEO company that you would like to work with, you’ll need to get with them and get down to business. You’re going to have to spend at least a little bit of time taking advantage of their SEO services.

But one thing you’ll want to remember is that many SEO companies will charge you by the hour. You might pay anywhere from $50 per hour for a small SEO company to several hundred dollars per hour for a more established company.

With this in mind, the total number of hours that you spend working with an SEO company will affect your SEO services pricing. The more time that you need an SEO company to lend a hand to you, the more you can expect to pay them.

The Ongoing SEO Assistance You Want

Some businesses will only need to rely on an SEO company for a short period of time when they’re working on optimizing their websites. Others will need to continue to work with an SEO company for the foreseeable future to keep their sites optimized.

Which category does your company fall into right now? Either way, it’s going to help determine what it will cost you to optimize your site.

There are some SEO companies that will agree to work with you for a set fee every month. It might make more sense to do this than to pay an SEO company for their SEO services by the hour.

The SEO Problems You Encounter

In a perfect world, an SEO company will be able to step in and optimize your company’s website for you without any issues. But depending on which industry you work in, you might find that it’ll take a little more work than usual to combat lingering SEO problems on your site.

If any issues appear, you might need to up your budget for SEO services. An SEO company might need to work harder than they would need to otherwise to optimize your site, and you’ll be left to foot the bill for it.

The SEO Results You’re Looking For

At the end of the day, each individual company out there is going to have different SEO results that they’ll be looking for after working with an SEO company. Your specific goals will prove to be one more factor that will affect your SEO services pricing.

If you have very lofty SEO goals for your site, you might have to plan to spend more when hiring an SEO company. It’s something you’ll need to consider from the very beginning before you call on an SEO company for help.

Each of These Factors Will Affect Your SEO Services Pricing

It can be a challenge to pinpoint precisely what SEO services will cost your company. As you’ve seen here, there are many factors that can come into play.

You should take each of these factors into account as you work to calculate your SEO services pricing. It should put you in a position to find a fair price for SEO services from a reputable SEO company.

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