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Wordle Hint Today

Wordle Hints – Foist and Slate

The word of the day for today is “Foist and slate”. It is a compound word consisting of two letters. Another word that is a compound word is “Pinto beans.”

Foist and slate

If you are stuck on the Foist and slate clue, you are not alone. Wordle users all over the world have a similar problem. You are stuck, but you don’t have to cheat. To solve the puzzle, simply search for the word on social networks or in your browser search bar. Then, follow the instructions on the wordle website to find the answer. Alternatively, you can use the letter Y as a surrogate vowel and type in the word to make your clue appear.

Today’s wordle hint is “fust.” This means that the chosen word will never be a verb. Most wordle players fail to see this clue, and thus have to make do without it. You can also try playing with the Slate isle game by searching its word archive. You’ll find that this game is more challenging than you thought. It is fun, and the rewards are great, so you’ll probably be interested to see what the archives look like.


If you’re looking for an EGRET wordle hint today, you’ve come to the right place. This unusual noun has two vowels and the answer is “bird.” While it may be a common noun, it’s also possible that it’s a plural form of a four-letter word, or it could contain repeat letters. To find out which of the two options you have, read on for more information on today’s word.

A fifth letter added to the start of a word can make a new word. For example, “greet” could be a name for a feeling of regret. A more obscure definition could be a feeling of regret, which is what the EGRET is meant to mean. Today’s Wordle hint is EGRET. If you have trouble figuring out what it means, check out the Oxford dictionary or a similar word.

Pinto beans

If you’re looking for a Wordle hint today, consider using the word “Pinto” as a clue. This word is Spanish for “painted.” But what does this mean and how can it be used to describe a bean? Its meaning is not entirely clear, but many people think it’s just another word for beans! The fact is that both horses and pinto beans have different meanings.

Pinto beans are part of the bean family and are popular in Mexican food. They have a distinctive taste and are versatile enough to be used as either a main ingredient or a side dish. In fact, pinto beans are also sometimes called strawberry beans. The July 1 Wordle has this unique slang term for the bean: PINTO. The word PINTO is actually a five-letter code, starting with P and ending with O. Josh Wardle, a software engineer, developed the Wordle app and sold it to the New York Times.


In this week’s Wordle, I’m letting you in on a secret – SCRAP! This word has two meanings: scrap and fight. It’s also one of the few words with no repeated letters. If you think the word is hard to decipher, try a different spelling for it. In either case, it’s an easy word to figure out. Read on for the answer and a hint for your next Wordle puzzle.

First, you’ll need to download the Wordle application. You can do this for free. Wordle is a viral game that allows you to play in your browser. It’s so popular that it’s spread across Facebook and Twitter. This article will walk you through the game’s rules and give you a hint for today’s clue. Just make sure to refresh your browser every day before starting a new game.


Today’s Wordle starts with the letter O and features an unusual five-letter word that has been inspired by Oscar the Grouch. Oxides are chemical compounds with oxygen and one other element, such as iron oxide, also known as rust. If you’re stumped, don’t worry, because tomorrow’s Wordle will have more clues! Read on to find out more about the secret word behind the April 21 Wordle.

The word oxide is a compound of two elements, either oxygen or another group of atoms. Oxides make up approximately 50% of the Earth’s crust. Oxides are a common element in our bodies and are found naturally in most parts of the world. The word is derived from the French word oxide, meaning “to oxidize.”


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